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Where is Tom Nicholson, connected to most impartant events in Slovakia?

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Where is Tom Nicholson?
Tom Nicholson appeared in Slovakia after official sources in 1992 as english teacher:) Born in United Kingom, but studied also in Canada (has 2 citizenships).
From teacher he become one of the most famous investigative journalists.
He was present in 4 most important events in modern history of Slovakia.
1. He played an important role in the fall of Mečiar government, caused by writing half true articles about his Electra. (Mečiar was also target of britain secret services MI6 - coincidence with born country of Tom Nicholson? Britain MI6 used political party - KDH (Ján Čarnogurský) to fight against Mečiar.
2. One of the most famous lawyer in Slovakia was killed in his house, the murder is still not investigated. Nicholson was the last person, that communicated with lawyer Valko.
3. Nicholson had the Gorilla files about massive corruption during privatization in Slovakia. He was one of the key person during the Gorilla protests.
4. Brutal murder of journalist Kuciak and his fiance is also connected with Nicholson. Nicholson gave him materials about connection of SMER to italian mafia before murder of Kuciak. Just 2 weeks before Kuciak murder Nicholson wrote to media, that he is leaving Slovakia for his new love. After Kuciak murder there were the biggest protests in existence of Slovakia.

Coincidences? They dont exist